Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many instructors are there?

It’s hard to say exactly because we are always adding new lessons from new instructors. Artisan is the head instructor and over half of the lessons and video seminars will come from him.

2. How many lessons will be from each instructor?  

It varies from instructor to instructor. But, most instructors will have 1 to 3 lessons. Artisan will teach the majority of the lessons.

3. What will I get each week?

Each week you’ll get a new lesson, 30 – 60 minute seminar video, audio download of that video, infield training assignment, recommended resources, forum, and live phone or webinar coaching.

4. What if I’m a beginner? What if I’m more advanced?

Pick Up Artist Academy is customized to your development and current skill set. Before, you enroll you’ll choose whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student. Keep in mind that you’ll be getting progressive, ongoing coaching that will take you from your current skill level to the super advanced level as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

5. How long is the program (how many months)?

 Pick Up Artist Academy is a progressive ongoing training program that lasts until you get the results you want. Everyone is different. You can enroll for 6 months or 24 months. It’s completely up to you. There is no obligation and you can cancel anytime you want.

6. When is the live phone coaching?

The live phone and webinar coaching is at a different day and time every week. You’ll get an email at least 24hrs in advance with details of each weeks phone or webinar coaching schedule.

7. What if I miss a phone or webinar coaching session? 

Don’t worry there will be another session the following week at a different day and time (sometimes it will be the same day and time as the previous week but we try to change the schedule to accommodate everyone). Phone coaching sessions are not recorded. Webinars are recorded. If you missed a webinar, a link to view the webinar will be emailed to you a few days after. It’s OK if you miss a few calls/webinars just try to be on as many as possible to learn and get your questions answered.

8. How can I win prizes?

It’s easy, just do your infield assignments ever week and post field reports in the forum and we’ll select the best field reports of guys with the most progress (doesn’t mean you have to be good with women, just means you have to be putting in the effort) to win prizes and rewards.

9. How can I be enrolled for free?

Just tell 3 guys about all of your progress and results from your Pick Up Artist Academy training and refer them guys to your unique PUA Academy link and the remainder of your enrollment will be free. Go here for more details.

10. I didn’t get my lesson this week?

If it’s been more than 9 days since your last lesson then make sure you’ve checked your spam/bulk folder. To avoid spam, add info @ theattractiveman dot com to your contact list.

11. What if I have a question and I can’t make the coaching call? Can I email the instructors?

Wait until next weeks call. The instructors get really busy during the week and sometimes don’t have time to answer every email. Your best bet is to wait until the next call.

12. Can I stay enrolled longer than a year?

You can be a student of Pick Up Artist Academy for up to 2 years. After a year you’ll reach alumni status.

13. How can I cancel/unsubscribe? 

Just go here and follow the instructions

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