20 Funny Pick Up Lines That Work

Men use funny pick up lines as conversation starters to introduce themselves to women. However, when men want women to actually like them, using a pick up line is not the best choice. For women, men who use funny pick up lines come off as having a playful sense of humor and somewhat sociable. However, they don’t see these men as trustworthy and intelligent, two attributes they look for in long term mates.

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When to Use Funny Pick up Lines?

Women like men who have a sense of humor. However, women see guys who use pick up lines as someone with low intelligence given the type of canned humor found in most of these lines. Having said that, funny pick up lines should just be used as jokes, a way to spice up conversations. For now, let us enjoy some very funny and original pick up lines.

1. “Hey are you guys shy? Because I’ve been standing here for like 5 minutes and you haven’t said hi or grabbed my ass, what’s going on here? You guys must be shy.”

2. “Has anyone ever told you…how beautiful….MY eyes are” (point to your eyes) follow up with “I wanted to see if you have a sense of humor, ok you passed the first test”

3. “Hey guys, I need your honest opinion, this is very important. Does my ass look fat in these pants? Hey no touching!”

4. “There are a lot of funny pick up lines but I can’t think of any; all I ever think about is you.”

5. “Hey ok this might seem kind of weird but I have sort of a stalker here so you’re going to be my girlfriend for the next 3 minutes”

6. “Are you a surgeon? Because you just opened up my heart.”

7. “Sorry I’m late traffic was really bad, did you order drinks yet, what do you have me coming?”

8. “Don’t look now but I think there is a girl trying to hit on you…there she is…don’t look don’t look.”

9. “Oh my god I was going to wear that exact same outfit tonight” (she responds) “I’m not going to lie, I would have pulled if a lot better”

10. “Hey guys! My friends are having a really boring conversation about their day jobs so if you guys aren’t interesting I’m going to have to bang my head against the wall until I black out”

11. “I have this rule when I go out that I have to introduce myself to the cutest girls in the bar…. can you help me find them?”

12. “Are you good in Algebra? I need someone to substitute my ’x’”.

13. “My heart is missing; I think it’s inside you.”

14. “I hope you’re a Facebook status so I can like you anytime.”

15. “Hey guys I’m a professional conversation interrupter so I had to come over here and interrupt what ever it was you were talking about, its ok I actually get paid to do this.” then you could follow with “where you guys having a lesbian lover’s quarrel? Was this one of those DTR (determine the relationship) conversations?”

16. (Icebreaker during a date) “I love this restaurant and I love the menu. Really? Why? (the girl asks). Because it has ‘Me-n-U.’”

17. (pretend you really are pissed off) “My watch is broken; I think time stops when I’m with you.”

18. When you stand up, grab her hand. When she asks why, point to the sign that says “please don’t leave your valuables unattended.”

19. “Do me a favor, smile if you masturbate”

20. “Kiss me if I’m wrong but, have we met?”

Funny pick up lines should be used to showcase sense of humor and advertise wit. As a conversation starters and seriously attracting women, it may work for some but not highly recommended for everybody. Introducing yourself like a gentleman with confidence and being able to carry a fun and thought provoking conversation is still the best way to approach women.

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