How to Kiss Close a Girl in Under 5-Minues

how to kiss close a girl

A student just asked me, “How do I kiss close a girl I just met 5 minutes ago?”

I told him that if you want to know how to kiss close a girl super fast, it’s really just all about frame control, escalating and screening for the right candidate.

See, what most guys don’t realize is that women WANT you to escalate on them and they want you to kiss close them. They just want you to do it in a way that is comfortable for them.

Think about it, if she’s not comfortable holding hands with you then she’s not going to be comfortable kissing you.

So you need to gradually increase the touching in a way that doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable.

An example of touching that wouldn’t be comfortable is touching her thigh and saying, “wow you have really soft skin.” That would probably just creep her out.

However, if you where sitting with her and said, “I bed you’re ticklish” and squeezed the top of her thigh, it would probably make her laugh and she would have good emotions instead of being creeped out.

Remember, women like a guy that takes action and makes moves on her. It makes them feel wanted and desired.

A great way to escalate and go for a kiss close is by making it a game. A “game” seems innocent enough right?

Say, “Lets play a game. I’m gonna count down from 3 to 1 and when I reach 1 you either have to kiss me on the lips or smack me on the face, ready here we go 3, 2, 1!!!!” And go in for a kiss! This has to be done very rapidly so it diffuses her logical brain.

Let’s do another example of how to kiss close a girl in under 5 minutes shall we?

Start off by making eye contact with a girl in a bar. Open with
“you can’t just look at me like that with out at least saying hi”. This sets
the frame that SHE is chasing YOU.

Then say “ok since you like to stare we’re gonna have a staring contest right now”. (another fun game).

Then, as you are staring at her keep moving your head towards her as if you are going
to kiss close her. At this point you will either kiss close her or she’ll move her head and
lose the contest.

This shows her you have balls to kiss her, warms her up for a kiss close and sets the frame that she owes you something.

Have some small talk (ie qualify her and comfort questions) for about a 2 minutes and
then go to kiss her goodbye by saying…

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