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Picking up women does not have to be hard and Dan aka Badboy PUA will make it easy. So if your love life seems to be at a stalemate for quite some time now and you want to take your game a notch higher, then definitely enroll right now in Pick Up Artist Academy. You will find a number of highly qualified and professional dating coaches in this academy teaching you everything you need to know to meet and attract beautiful women.

One of such instructors is Dan who is also known as PUA Badboy. He is a well known pick up artist and dating coach. In fact, he works internationally and even maintains his own website. You can check it out to see what this PUA has to offer.

Dan is known for his courage, confidence and charisma. He also exudes inner strength and impeccable leadership skills. All these make him great as a pick up artist. The same is true for his early experiences in Croatia at the time of the Civil War.

From then on, Badboy pua went on to make his name in the industry. His field of specialization is the “direct game” as well as the “club game”. He has helped thousands of men all over the globe become successful pick up artists. Badboy pua has also done numberous seminars as well as workshops in no less than 25 countries. Given that, it is no surprise that he is also globally known as among the best dating coaches and pick up artists.

Badboy pua shows great expertise in terms of seduction, confidence building and leadership as a pick up artist and dating coach. This is even backed by vast knowledge in terms of human psychology. So it is not surprising that Badboy PUA is very good in what he does. More than that, he also holds a degree in computer design.

Enroll in Pick Up Artist Academy today to see all of Badboy’s PUA lessons on night game, club game, direct game and more!

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