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Epik pua is a pick up artist (pua) who spends his time dazzling people the world over with the wit, style, and sense of humor most guys only dream about possessing. A rogue adventurer, stand up comic, certified personality and body language expert, and consummate seducer, Epik pua is ready to take your game to the next level.

Although Epik pua has been training men for many years in various capacities for the US Government, not much more can be said about this (for obvious reasons). But suffice it to say Epik’s expertise in body language, personality and psychological profiling, and teaching in general are far beyond those you have experienced up until now and absolutely will take your game to the next level.

Epik is the lead SNL Instructor and PUA at Same Night Seduction and has earned that title after crafting not only his own formula for consistent Same Night Lay success but more importantly creating customized approaches for each of his students that ensure massive individual SNL results! Allow Epik to transform you into the PUA who always leaves the bar with the woman of your dreams.

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