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Sasha PUA aka Sasha Day Game is one of the best day game experts and master PUAs in the industry, which is why he is a guest instructor here at Pick Up Artist Academy

If you are looking for a good dating coach or pick up artist to help you with your love life then enroll in Pick Up Artist Academy and get tons of lessons from expert PUAs and master Pick Up Artist. The academy has a roster of highly qualified and renowned professional instructors who can help you improve the current status of your love life.

One of these instructors who will help you in terms of picking up and dating beautiful women is Sasha who is also known as Sasha Day Game. One of the trademarks of this PUA is that he is able to get amazing results for those who became his students. Given that, it is not much of a surprise that people from all over the world are coming to attend the courses he offer. In essence, the lessons of the Day Game are all about directness as well as honesty.

Sasha daygame is also known for coming up with the first Direct Dating Summit in the world. Here, he brought together some of the best Direct Dating coaches not just in PUA but all over the world. Sasha DayGame’s success is so well recognized that he even has a cult following him in the seduction community in Europe.

Sasha’s expertise as a dating coach and pick up artist dates back to 2006. This is after he read the book “The Game”. He focused on the improvement of the self and mastering the art of seduction. Then he developed his own technique, system and method that is unique to him. This method or system has been dubbed as insane fun. It starts with the eradication of the social fears which are already preconceived. Then the process goes on until the client or subject eventually meets pretty women soon after.

See Sasha Daygame’s lesson’s on of course, day game, overcoming fear, direct game, eliminating rejection and more at Pick Up Artist Academy. Enroll right now before the classes are completely full!

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