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Speer PUA

Speer PUA

PUA Speer is an expert of attraction and is here at Pick up Artist Academy to take your game to the next level and beyond!

If you are looking for someone to give you expert advice and training when it comes to picking up and dating the opposite sex, then enroll in Pick Up Artist Academy and see through their roster of highly qualified instructors who are well known dating coaches and pick up artists.
One of these instructors is the famous PUA Speer. In fact, he is the one who came up with this original idea of being a dating coach. Now, it has proven to be a serious and luxurious business. But this was not this way for him early on. In fact, when he was still young, PUA Speer was rejected by almost all the women he got involved with.

But in a just a short time, Speer picked himself up and became among the top contenders as a dating coach and pick up artist. He even got featured in famous magazines and television shows. Some of which are Playboy magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine, The Washington Post, Men’s Health magazine and even the Washington Post. More than that, Speer is also a writer himself. In fact, Speer writes a weekly newsletter that caters to more than 80,000 people. Indeed, the expertise of this PUA cannot be denied.

PUA Speer also makes appearances in television. For instance, he was on MSNBC, WB and the CW among others. Then from the year 2007 up to the present time, he also runs the biggest Men’s Dating Conference worldwide. This is known as the Global Pick Up Artist Conference.

With all this work and recognition under his name, you can definitely be assured that you are in safe hands with this pick up artist and dating coach. You will be a master pick up artist in no time with all the lessons that you will get from him.

To see Speers exclusive lessons on calibration, damage control, escalation, building compliance with women and more, simple enroll in Pick Up Artist Academy today before it’s too late!

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