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Vince Kelvin and PUA Artisan (lead instructor of Pick up Artist Academy) are dear friends as Vince is one of Artisan’s greatest mentors who is respectfully regarded as the “wildest” pick up artist in the PUA community

Is your love life currently on the down-low? Then perhaps, you should check out the professional instructors from the Pick Up Artist Academy. These instructors have extensive experience and technical expertise when it comes to picking up, dating and creating romantic relationships.

One of these highly qualified instructors is Vince Kelvin. This pick up artist has a simple approach when it comes to people’s social and love life. His teachings and methods as a dating coach are very much practical and genuine so they are easy and fun to follow. But do not be deceived since his approach can very well spell the missing link in your relationships and love life.

Aside from that, one of the notable achievements of PUA Vince Kelvin is that he has come up with his own book as a pick up artist and dating coach called “Same Night Sex”. More than that, he has also created the “Integrated Game”.

PUA Vince Kelvin is also a successful businessman. He owns the Seduction Coaching company. This is among the first companies in the community of pick up artists. Aside from that, he also takes pride in travelling the world as a pick up artist and dating coach who has helped more than 3000 people all over the globe.

Lately, Vince Kelvin also teamed up for the Project Hollywood Mansion with PUA Speer to form Kings of Pickup. More so, he has also been cited for numerous awards to attest to his expertise as a PUA. For instance, he has been voted to be the Most Caring Teacher in the Community as well as the Best Pickup Openers and Routines. He also received the Leadership Award of Anthony Robbin.

With all these recognitions, you can be assured that with Vince Kelvin, you are in good hands. You will learn a world of incredible knowledge from this amazing and “crazy” dating coach and master pick up artist.

If you want Vince Kelvin to teach you how to bed bisexual women, how to escalate to a makeout in minutes, how to completly eliminate rejection in your life, and how to manage multiple relationships and build harems of beautiful women then you need to enroll in Pick up Artist Academy now!!!

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