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It’s Simple! Just tell others about how Pick Up Artist Academy has changed your life and helped your “game” and get tons of money and free tuition for life!

Refer 3 guys to PUA Academy and earn:

  • Free tuition for life! (even if the guys you refer drop out of the program)
  • $120 per month on a residual basis
  • Other bonuses and prizes

It only takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a free account at with a unique affiliate ID
  2. Tell people to register to PUA Academy using this link: and replace YOURID with your unique clickbank affiliate ID
  3. Log into clickbank to see how much money your earning and start receiving checks in the mail.

It’s that easy! Once you’ve made 3 referrals and you see the money you’ve earned in your clickbank back office, just send an email to info at theattractiveman dot com with the subject “3 sales” and we’ll pay for your remaining tuition (even if the guys you refer unsubscribe).

But, it doesn’t stop there?

Keep referring your friends, wings and other guys to Pick Up Artist Academy and keep earning tons of cash and prizes!

Keep telling more of your friends and wingmen about how awesome Pick Up Artist Academy is and how much it’s helping your “game” and keep earning cash! You’ll keep earning 60% commission = $40/month per person you refer. So if you referred 50 guys you’d make over $2,000 a month each and every month in residual income!

***YES! People do quit their day jobs and make an amazing living off of this system!


Here’s the breakdown:

Associate Status

  • Refer 3 guys
  • Earn $1,335.
  • Bonus: Free enrollment

Distributor Status

  • Refer 10 guys
  • Earn $4,470
  • Bonus: Free 90-Min Skype Session ($297 value)

Gold Status

  • Refer 25 guys
  • Earn $11,090
  • Bonus: Free VIP Ticket to the Pick Up Artist Academy Live Seminar ($1,000 value)

Silver Status

  • Refer 50 guys
  • Earn $22,100
  • Bonus: Your commission increases from 60% to 75% per referral from here on out!

Diamond Status

  • Refer 100 guys
  • Earn $50,300
  • Bonus: 3-Day Boot Camp & Fashion Makeover in Las Vegas ($4,500 value)

Platinum Status

  • Refer 200 guys
  • Earn $110,450!
  • Bonus: Playboy Mansion Party in Hollwyood

(Figures based on average of 1 year. Keep in mind many students stay enrolled longer than 1 year)


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