Why PUA Academy?

Weekly Training and Accountability 

Pick Up Artist Academy is a monthly coaching course for mastering the skill of approaching, attracting, dating, and seducing the type of women you want.

During your weekly classes you’ll get all the tools you need to build the proper inner game foundation, step-by-step instruction for approaching and sparking instant attraction, a fool-proof method for overcoming approach anxiety, the most effective system for rapid physical escalation ever created, ultimate phone and “text game” mastery, first date strategies, and that’s just barely the beginning!

Ongoing Coaching to Fully Master “Your Game”

Anyone who tells you they can teach you how to “pick up” women with one simple method, product, or e-book is simply using a marketing tactic and is probably not looking out for your best interest. THERE IS “NO MAGIC PILL” It takes time, discipline, dedication, and most importantly…infield training and practice to become truly incredible with women.

No Fake Routines, Lines, Gimmicks or Tricks

We won’t teach you how to trick a girl into bed. You’ll learn how to develop the characteristics of being a genuine REAL man that woman find attractive. We won’t teach you to be fake or use openers or lines that aren’t congruent with your personality. We will mold you into a high value man that radiates enthusiasm and confidence.

Effective and Easy Way to Unbelievable Success with Women

Most guys are looking for the quick fix. The magic pill. The secret pick up line that works every time. Well reality check… doesn’t exist. What does exist is a proven system and weekly curriculum to take you from average frustrated chump to “SEX NINJA” in the shortest amount of time possible.

You’ll learn everything from getting over approach anxiety and deep inner game to same night lays and threesomes….but, you’ll learn it in the right order and at a proven pace that works.

Be Challenged and Rewarded

On top of all that, you’ll be challenged and motivated through prizes and bonuses to meet 90 women in 90 days! You can even earn tons of money (and get free enrollment) for referring your friends to Pick Up Artist Academy.

Learn skills, meet women, win prizes, get cash… doesn’t get any better than that!!!  


FACT: It takes over 66 days to form a habit” (not 21 days) according to European Journal of Social Psychology
So why do guys think that taking a weekend boot camp or reading a few books and practicing once in a while will get them these amazing results? The truth is they usually won’t! But, what if you had your own personal dating coach helping you along your journey and telling you what to do every step of the way? What if he could solve all your sticking points and answer all your questions? What if he could give you a game plan and hold you accountable to achieving success? Wouldn’t that be a much more effective way to learn pick-up?


FACT: It takes at least 6 months to get REALLY good at “pick up”
Yes you read that correct. 6 months. Not a weekend course, or even, God forbid you could afford it, a month long course. NO, 6 MONTHS! Period. Don’t believe these other so-called gurus that say they’ll change your life in a weekend group bootcamp or dating seminar. It’s just not gonna happen. You might get some awesome changes and learn some really cool stuff. But, you won’t learn everything. And after it’s all over, it’s up to you to hold yourself accountable and do all the work. But, this program is about to change all of that.


FACT: 87% of guys give up after just one month of taking a “life-changing” seminar or boot camp
Why is that? Because you need something that’s more like an ongoing class rather than a one time quick fix. I hate to burst your bubble but it takes time and effort to get really good with women. But don’t worry, I’m here to take the hassle away and teach you the skills you need. I will show you the easiest, most effective way to get amazing results in the least amount of time possible…without shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars on those bogus group classes, seminars and boot camps. But even if you do take a bunch of classes or boot camps, most people still need some form of continuation program if they want to stay committed, stay focused, and get results and a skill set that STICKS WITH YOU. The solution…..PICK UP ARTIST ACADEMY!

I’m not gonna bore you with a huge long sales letter, lets get right down to the benefits shall we?

What Should You Expect?
  • Exclusive coaching, weekly lessons, and infield practice to give you real skills with women
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly assignments and goals because practice makes perfect
  • More confidence with women and in every aspect of your life
  • Assignments to Get You Approaching 30 women per month
  • Know exactly how to approach and attract women, in virtually any situation
  • Eliminate your approach anxiety and any feelings of rejection
  • Date higher quality women who were originally “out of your league”
  • Ability to date as many beautiful women as you want
  • Higher self esteem and self image
  • Be ready to triple your dates is just a few months!
Students who have completed my curriculum experience success with women beyond anything they’ve ever imagined.


I’ve followed their results, and on average subscribers experience:

  • 688% increase in the amount of women they approach
  • 279% increase in the number of phone numbers they get
  • 381% increase in how many dates they get
  • 547% increase in how much sex they’re having
  • 443% increase in overall happiness

Our society is so conditioned to want instant gratification. We want the quick fix that will make all our problems go away instantly. In pick up it’s no different. Guys want the magic pick up line or secret routine that will get every woman to fall in love with them. But it doesn’t exist.

Pick Up Artist Academy IS the magic pill you’ve been after. See, I could have come out with a generic product like every other so called dating guru out there. But, I didn’t want to do that because I knew it just wouldn’t be effective. The ONLY thing that DOES work is CONTINUAL TRAINING. Let me repeat that, the only thing that WILL get you the success you want is constant training and continually working on this part of your life. That’s what this program is! It’s an ongoing serious of lessons and coaching to completely transform you from below average guy to a super attractive man who has women chasing him!


Enroll Now And Get:

  • Weekly Lessons
  • Weekly Video Seminars
  • Weekly Audio Lectures
  • Weekly Infield Training Assignments
  • Weekly Phone Coaching and/or Webinar Coaching
  • Access to the VIP Members Forum
  • Guest Lectures and Training Sessions from the Best Dating Coaches and PUAs in the World
  • The 90-Day Challenge
  • Rewards and Prizes for Approaching Women
  • Opportunities to Earn Cash and More!


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