Go from ‘Average’ Guy into a Master Seducer Who Can Attract Gorgeous Woman with Continual Monthly Training

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Note: Advanced students have the option of choosing a curriculum skipping the “basic” lessons

Lesson 1: Basic pick up principles and fundamentals (to be an expert at anything you must master the basics!)

Lesson 2: Overcoming the Fear of Approaching and becoming more social in your every day life.

**Bonus Lesson on How to Text Girls with Jordan Harbinger.

Lesson 3: Adam Lyons gives you solutions to the most common sticking points guys have when learning “game”.

Lesson 4: Approaching women during the day (day game).

Lesson 5: How to continue the conversation, build instant attraction, deep rapport, never run out of things to say, and make her CHASE YOU during the day!

Lesson 6: David Wygant teaches you how to be a powerfully strong man who is 100% real and authentic around women

Lesson 7: Closing – Getting her phone number in under 2 minutes.

Lesson 8: Handling Tests – Overcoming her objections, tests, or anything that throws you off guard.

Lesson 9: How to have the beliefs and mindset of a “natural” while developing real confidence and charisma.

Lesson 10: Approaching women at bars, clubs and lounges.

Lesson 11: Sparking attraction, keeping the conversation going, and knowing if she’s interested.

Lesson 12: How to get outside of your comfort zone with women.

Lesson 13: Ten-Second Attraction – Being a high value man.

Lesson 14: Non Verbal Communication – Mastering body language.

Lesson 15: Elizabeth Everet teaches deep inner game secrets and how to use the law of attraction to get the women you want.

Lesson 16: Deep Rapport – How to always have enough to talk about and build massive comfort/rapport.

Lesson 17: David Wygant teaches you how to become emotionally vulnerable to create a deep everlasting connection with women.

Lesson 18: Talking and Voice Tonality – Seduce her with your voice.

Lesson 19: Low energy game, how to use tension to create emotional spikes and massive attraction, and how to handle bitchy girls.

Lesson 20: Style, fashion, grooming and how you present yourself.

Lesson 21: Calling Women on the Phone – Calling to get her on a date.

Lesson 22: Speer teaches damage control techniques – what to do if you mess something up.

Lesson 23: Texting Game Mastery– How to text a girl to spark more attraction and get a date.

Lesson 24: First Date Strategies – Setting up the date so it leads back to your place or her place every time.

Lesson 25: Escalating on the Date – When and how to escalate physically, verbally and logistically.

Lesson 26: Vince Kelvin teaches instant makeouts and kiss closes.

Lesson 27: Online Dating – Setting up an online profile that gets women to message you.

Lesson 28: Hydro teaches OK Cupid game (online game continued).

Lesson 29: How to escalate fast and take a woman home the same night you meet her.

Lesson 30: Nick “Quick” Rogue and Epik teach same night seduction techniques.

Lesson 31: Hired Guns – Meeting women that are working (bartenders, cocktail waitresses, retail, etc.).

Lesson 32: Social Circle Mastery – How to have a social circle full of beautiful women.

Lesson 33: Elizabeth Everett teaches about indicators of interest (IOIs), how to approach at night, and advanced inner game.

Lesson 34: Relationship Management – Managing multiple booty calls, relationships, and getting a girlfriend.

Lesson 35: Seduction and advanced sexual techniques.

Lesson 36: Threesomes – how to get two women in bed at the same time.

Lesson 37: Winging – How your wingman can be your best tool (and how to find a wing and what to do if you don’t have one).

Lesson 38: Social Circle Mastery – How to cultivate a social circle full of beautiful women.

Lesson 39: Vince Kelvin teaches managing multiple women and creating a harem of beautiful women.

Lesson 40: AMOGs – How to approach mixed-groups and how to handle alpha males of the group.

Lesson 41: Being fully present, grounded, in-state, managing and creating sexual tension and being in the moment.

Lesson 42: Speer teaches about microcalibration.

Lesson 43: Qualification and getting women to comply to your requests (moving, sex, etc.).

Lesson 44: Using humor, push-pull, restricted requests, cocky-funny and teasing.

Lesson 45: Story Telling, NLP, Hypnosis, Routines and more!

Lesson 46: Badboy teaches you all about direct game.

Lesson 47: Jersey Boy shows you how to adopt the alpha frame so nothing ever shakes you.

Lesson 48: Ryan Juanzemis teaches “dark side game”.

Lesson 49: Vince Kelvin teaches about vibing, NLP and role-playing 

Lesson 50: Speer teaches advanced “end game” techniques

Lesson 51: Hypnosis techniques and speed seduction

Lesson 52: High end club game and graduation from Pick Up Artist Academy…including more bonuses!


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