What You Get Each Week

Pick Up Artist Academy is designed to give you the PUA coaching you need to become truly skilled with women. It’s an ongoing curriculum teaching you the best and most effective dating and pick up advice on the planet.

 Each Week You Will Receive:

pick up artist lessonsWeekly Training Lessons
You’ll start from square one and learn everything you need to know about approaching, attracting and seducing women in ANY situation. Whether she’s on her phone walking down the street or at a club with a bunch of guys, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to approach in a confident way and build so much attraction that she’ll literally be CHASING YOU. $900 total value


pick up artist dvds

Weekly “In Class” PUA Coaching Videos

Each week you’ll receive the most cutting edge pua training videos and seminars on every topic from advanced day game to same night sex and anything and everything in between. Be prepared for the best pua training you’ve ever experienced! $1,200 total value


pick up artist cdsWeekly Audio Training Sessions
Get all the trainings in audio format so you can take them with you on the go. Burn them to CD so you can fill your head with valuable knowledge while your driving, exercising, etc.$700 total value


pick up artist assignmentsWeekly Infield Assignments
You’ll be getting weekly assignments that will take you from square one to complete mastery in just a few months. Assignments are designed to systematically get you to approach women no matter what. All missions, drills and assignments are completely obtainable and will only take you between 2 – 10 min. a day. $2,500 total value




pick up artist phone coachingWeekly Live Phone PUA Coaching
Every week you’ll be able to ask ALL your questions and get customized personal advice for any and ALL of your sticking points and unique challenges when it comes to women and dating. NO waiting for email responses. You can ask your questions live and get the answers you need right away. Artisan normally charges $250 for just 1 phone session! $4,000 total value




You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

texting girls guideUltimate Guide to Texting Girls
The #1 source for texting girls. Voted “Best Text Game in the World” at the PUA Summit, Artisan teaches you exactly how to text girls, when and how often to text, what to do if she doesn’t respond, and gives over 160 proven texts for sparking attraction and getting her on a date in as little time as possible. $97 total value




shit test guideUltimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests
Has a woman ever told you she had a boyfriend or that it’s “ladies night” or that they’re lesbians? Face it, women are going to test you. And if you know how to handle it, you can spark an insane amount of attraction and sexual tension. With this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about handling shit tests and you’ll get over 50 awesome comebacks for any situation. $227 total value



pick up artist cdsUltimate Online Dating Secrets for Men
Learn exactly how to make the best online dating profile that gets women message you first. You’ll learn what pictures to use, the best first messages to send, how to follow up, how to get her phone number and set up a date in 3 messages or less, what to do if she doesn’t respond and more! $297 value



pua resourcesBest Pick Up & Dating Resources
Each week I’ll give you my #1 recommended resource to help you along your journey of growth and total fulfillment with women. You will receive the best pua, dating and non-dating resources for that week of your development. You’ll also receive exclusive discounts of up to 75% off many of the books, cds, dvds, and pdfs.




pua boot campsDiscounts on PUA Coaching and Day Game Boot Camps
You’ll get 10% off live dating workshops, seminars and boot camps that NO other guys will have access to. If you want to go out in the field with Artisan or any other dating coach, you’ll be able to do it at a fraction of the cost. Live training is offered throughout the world at $600 value


You’ll Also Have Access To:

  • The 90-Day Challenge
  • VIP Members Forum
  • Rewards and Prizes for Approaching
  • The Accountability Program
  • Infield Footage of Real Approaches 


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