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Here’s your pick up artist academy review….thanks a lot of Artisan, your work is incredible and its life changing. This academy has changed my life a lot, not only in pick up with woman, but my relationships with my family, at work, and is getting me into medical school in a way. Thanks a lot.

-Jonathan F.

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I’ve been attending the Pick Up Academy monthly coaching with Artisan and that’s a really great place to start out with if you want to start out with Artisan because it teaches you so much. It’s got videos, lessons, there’s so much information . So much of what I’ve learned is from that pick up academy. You can ask questions, he provides email support, phone support and you get feedback. That stuff really works. It’s the real deal.

– Andre, Irvine, CA

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“He takes very sincere interest in the students he has, so I’m very happy to have worked with Artisan during Pick Up Academy 

–  Tom H., Las Vegas, NV

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“The program has hell of a lot to offer and I’m looking forward to learning a hell of a lot more! Pick Up Artist Academy highly exceeded my expectations. Thanks Artisan!

Garcia, New York, CA

PUA Academy can help you in other aspects of your life as well.

“You’ll Definitely be amazed at how much you can accomplish with what you learn in Pick Up Artist Academy.” –

A. M., Orange County, CA

Change your inner game put the knowledge to practice!

“It was very application oriented. Extremely useful. Easy to digest. You can put the things you learn to use in the field imediately”

– James L., London, England


 PUA Academy puts all these facts and all these theories together and makes it fit inside your head in a natural way. Which requires less thinking and more just being a badass! 

– Chris M., Chicago, IL

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