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The PUA Challenge is geared to help you get continual coaching, learn pick up skills, and meet tons of women. We have the tools, the program, the instructors, and the community of supportive people to help you succeed with women. The Pick Up Artist Academy program is fun, easy, ongoing and gets awesome results.

The PUA Challenge at Pick up Artist Academy is not just another dating program.  The system is based on proven “natural” methods of meeting and attracting women, boosting self-esteem and confidence, becoming more social, and transforming into the type of man that women find irresistable.  The lessons and infield assignments help you achieve your goals, on your terms with fast results. Included in our  program are weekly video and audio lessons, infield training assignments, top resources, secret forum, and weekly phone coaching and webinar coaching.


90 Day PUA Challenge. Approach 90 Girls in 90 Days and get:

  • 90 approaches under your belt (say good bye approach anxiety)
  • Weekly lessons, video seminars, audio downloads, infield assignments, top resources, secret forums, infield training assignments, phone or webinar coaching each week and more!


  • The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests is all yours!($97 value)
  • The 7-Day Calling a Girl E-Course and The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls ($97 value)
  • Online Dating Secrets for Men ($97 value)


  • A chance to win a full fashion makeover in Hollywood or Las Vegas ($1900 value)
  • A chance to win a once in a lifetime infield 3-Day PUA Boot Camp with one of the instructors of Pick Up Artist Academy ($3,000 value)
  • A VIP ticket to the Pick Up Artist Academy Conference (10 world  renowned speakers including Pick Up Artist Academy instructors) in Las Vegas, NV is yours!
  • Grand Prize: A chance to win an exclusive Hollywood Playboy Mansion party with Heff and all the ladies!


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